Pracownia wspólna had started in 2017. As result of the long lasting passion for creating. We design and make pottery in line with nature and our hearts. All of our products are handmade - what makes every item very individual, having a unique form and its own story. In many cases it is not possible to recreate the work what makes the pottery unique.

We create the ceramic workshop which is open to any creative ideas. We create the place for you and for us. We also create the workshop so you can come in for a moment, make some ceramics, spend your time in a pleasant way, relax, drink a cup of tea or just sit in. We do it for the children and the adults, for those, who want to take part of it.

You can sign up for a ceramic classes with us, where as at any artistic activities, your body and breath is relaxing and you are getting in creating process.

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