I finally do what I like. I design and make pottery. I play with the colour and the form. I relax by creating.

Julia about me: Always opened for the new ideas and interesting solutions. She’s the heart of our workshop - she takes over the ceramics mainly, papers and that everything would be unified. She loves spending time in the garden and drink a black tea from ceramic mugs.


Culture manager, teacher, visual artist. I’m a creative person. I like creating things and my own environment. My passion is design, painting, drawing and photography. Working with children makes me very happy. I’d like to share my artistic and practical skills, so every interested child is welcome to my creative classes.


Art school student - art became deep rooted in her life. She’s just started working in workshop - she’s full of warm advices, she formes the clay and always help with the text work, she takes over instagram and partly facebook page of the workshop. She’s often busy with her head up in the clouds.